Complex Organizational Problem. Workflow Delivered.

Complex Organizational Problem. Workflow Delivered.2017-11-16T21:57:36+00:00

Project Description

Automotive Company Job Recruiting Case StudyOur client, a Japanese based leader in the automotive coatings industry was experiencing staffing issues on their production floor.  Employee retention was a concern within their organization and the costly turnover was leeching into other departments impacting their environment and productivity.  After research and analytics, Hunter enacted a new staffing workflow to their organization and took full ownership over the process. 

To date Hunter has enabled the organization to stabilize turnover by upgrading the caliber of candidates they are considering for hire.  We set standards for the interview and hiring process and stuck to the standards over time resulting in stronger hires for our client.  Together we elevated the standard for hiring within their group and the expectation of employees within their organization.  We are now working with them to source talent in other areas.