Insourcing Project. Engineering Focus.

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Project Description

Engineering Job Recruiting Case StudyOur client, a privately held international company, focusing on manufacturing gas and fluid system components came to us after making a decision to insource production back to the United States from China.  The endeavor would involve staffing of over 50 temporary engineers across a wide range of specialties and backgrounds at different strategic points of the insourcing process.  Hunter was able to provide over 50 degreed engineers as contractors to make the insourcing project successful at meeting deadlines and ramping up production.  After the contract period, our client hired the majority of the engineers as FT direct employees that remain a vital part of their organizational success. 

We are proud to have been involved in the success of this project bringing jobs back to the United States and Northeastern Ohio.  The decision of our client to convert the majority of the contractors to full time employees speaks to the success of our stringent screening process and the delivery of superior results.  When one of our contract employees gets hired by an outstanding company in their field (like this one) – everyone wins.