Inside the Industry – Why January is the Best Month to Search for a Job

January has a bad rap - the lull that comes after the holidays can lead to those dreaded winter blues.  January 16th, dubbed “Blue Monday,” has been scientifically proven to be the most depressing day of the year.  Factors that play into this calculation include weather, hours of daylight, debt level, time since Christmas and

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Undercover Boss?!?

A new CareerBuilder survey indicates that some American workers have about as much chance of properly identifying their CEO in a lineup as they do of winning the Hunger Games…but does it matter? CareerBuilder recently surveyed more than 7,000 full-time workers to find out how well American workers know senior leadership at their organizations. Results

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Is the Workforce Going Temp?

The last time Cassie Smith had a full-time job, George W. Bush was midway through his second term as president. In the five years since, the Mt. Juliet woman has looked for full-time work but has found only part-time hours at a department store and the occasional temporary gig elsewhere. The same goes for several

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